.925 Silver World

Let the sparkle fill your senses

Find what intrigues you

Here you find dazzling displays of jewelry you can drape on or slip into. Take your time because there’s plenty to see. Attentive and ready, our staff waits for you to tell us when you’re ready to look at something closer or ask about a semi-precious stone. We let you explore until you find what intrigues you.

Wander through necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets of pure silver and designs set with turquoise, larimar, and other beautiful stones. Feel the quality. Try on pieces to enjoy their weight. Look in the mirror to see how they lay against your skin.

Take a break from your discoveries by chatting with the owners. It’s more important for us to get to know you than to make certain you walk out with a piece today. If you have questions later, please call. We’re happy to ship that accessory you can’t stop thinking about.

Silver for Silver Lovers

Find pieces you didn’t know
you were missing.

Exclusively Silver

The expertise of the first dedicated
silver store on island.

Take Your Time

Our staff gives the kind of
attention you want.

Dedicated Retailer

We are the oldest dedicated silver retailer in St. Thomas, in business for 22 years. We carry almost exclusively silver pieces, and we have the biggest selection. It’s common for jewelry vendors to visit stores and bring the stock they hope they will carry. Our owners go to shows, examine everything carefully, and bring back unique designs for our clientele, many of whom are return customers we’ve known for years.

We also feature beads and semi-precious stones, including the gem of the Caribbean: Larimar. Find your new favorite pendant, ring or statement piece for special occasions or to wear every day.

Visit us in historic Palm Passage
and lose yourself in a shimmering world
of hand-picked jewelry.

(340) 774-3030

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