Amalia Café

Take a tour of Spain on the coast of the Caribbean

Amalia Cafe is for people who appreciate authentic cuisine, who really get it. It’s fine dining with a casual feeling and cozy quality. You’ll find a wine list they pay careful attention to and a full bar in the center of the Palm Passage Courtyard.

If you choose the bar, you’ll enjoy the cool breezes from the Charlotte Amalie waterfront, the natural light under a large shade, and a friendly bartender. Relax and make new friends while surrounded by bright storefronts. The Amalia Cafe bar is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon with people who know how to enjoy the moment.

The historic stonework and decor are Caribbean, the music will be Spanish or Mediterranean and the menu offers traditional Spanish dishes, including tapas which are to be shared. Amalia Cafe has the confidence to let you see right into their kitchen from your table. It’s all outdoor seating in an oasis without lots of noise and foot traffic. You can actually hear your conversation.

A Tour of Spain

Whether you sit at the bar or a white cloth-covered table, you’ll be presented with a menu that represents regions of Spain. Take a tastebud tour that covers the Spanish mountains and the sea. Their tapas and dishes feature seafood, chicken, and Spanish sausage prepared with plenty of olive oil, Spanish spices, and fresh vegetables. Now in it’s 22nd year, Amalia Cafe’s culinary excellence is consistent and dependable. That fabulous salmon dish you had a couple of years ago is the same fabulous salmon dish you’ll get today.

While you sit, you’ll probably meet Maynard, the owner who works as hard as a manager. You might notice an event such as a birthday party, book signing, anniversary, or even a marriage proposal because locals choose Amalia Cafe to help make memories.

An Unforgettable
Culinary Experience

Amalia Cafe’s owners encapsulate St. Thomas’ character as a melting pot: Maynard is from the eastern Caribbean, Helga is Austrian and they run a Spanish restaurant. They first opened Pita Express next door, and their work ethic hasn’t changed since they poured themselves into starting that business 28 years ago.

With global culinary experience, Maynard is a hands-on owner, spending time in the kitchen, in the dining room and making time to touch tables. He wants you to have an experience you won’t forget. To make that happen, he models for his staff that every task, no matter what, is part of their job. Some of the people who create your experience have been a part of Amalia Cafe for years, if not decades. They earn your business every time you visit.

Highest Standards

A staff that works hard to earn the satisfaction of newcomers and regulars alike

Authentic Spanish Dishes

Take a break from local cuisine and enjoy the best flavors of Spain

Loved by Locals

Valued as the perfect setting for fun dinners and landmark celebrations

Don’t wait any longer to discover,
or return to, Amalia Café.

(340) 714-7373

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