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local art, and global gift shop

Mystic by the Sea

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Relax, explore, and see what calls to you.

Walk in and inhale delicate essential oil, hear wind chimes and feel a slight change in the energy around you. In Mystic by the Sea, you’re surrounded by the beauty of St. Thomas and exquisite creations from around the globe. Be curious. Move slowly. See what’s been waiting for you. The shopkeepers are glad to see you but want you to explore at your own pace. There is magic here and they’re glad to help you when you’re ready.

Leave with a better understanding of the fair-trade products available to you and what’s possible when a shop curates only items from good working conditions. Mystic by the Sea presents the gifts and talents of the island and the world.

The owners, Cynthia and TJ, are a husband and wife team. Cynthia takes time getting to know local artists and their work, making sure they are comfortable and feel the store is a good fit before asking to carry their crafts. TJ enjoys introducing customers to the beauty and traditions of both local and global cultures they might not be familiar with. They carefully source their products from fair trade organizations and independent artisans. Part of what makes their shop feel so good is the energy from items that were created with care, inspiration, and heart.

The Virgin Islands is culturally part of the African Diaspora, so Cynthia and TJ offer art, baskets, sculptures, textiles, and jewelry from continental Africa, metal art from Haiti, and books by African American and Caribbean authors.

They have brought together Balinese sculptures, Egyptian candle holders, Peruvian hair accessories, Brazilian gemstone sculptures, and the most diverse collection of crystals on the island. Find dolls of color, perfume and jewelry based on the Zodiac, and eco-friendly journals with banana leaf paper. Their singing bowls come from a Tibetan business owner who works with his community in Nepal. All the art on the wall is from local and Caribbean artists.

These and more are treasures designed to carry your memories.

Incredible Selection

We’re certain that you’ll find something so unique and special that you won’t want to go home without it.

You Never Know What's Waiting

Treat yourself just by visiting, and you’ll leave feeling calmer and happier. When you leave with a special memento, you’ll carry that feeling of calm and happiness forever.

Fair Trade & Artisan Supportive

Good vibes start with products made in good working conditions by people who enjoy their work.

It’s the best from St. Thomas
and all over the world.
Come and explore.

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