The Shops

Palm Passage brings together business owners with an unparalleled commitment to giving you a unique shopping and dining experience. They offer some of the best cuisine and most original collections on the island. Wander into these shops and find staff who greet you as a friend, can tell you the stories behind their wares, and might even have created the piece you’re holding.

Amalia Cafe

Authentic Spanish cuisine and open-air dining. Don’t miss this chance to taste world-class dishes at an establishment well-loved by locals as well as visitors.

Fish Face

Find wonderful lightweight clothing, the perfect souvenir and your next favorite piece of art in this fun shop. Enjoy local art, photography, and fashion in this one-of-a-kind shop.

Mystic by the Sea

Metaphysical books and crystals, exquisite imports, and creations by local artists are just the beginning of what you’ll find here. Feel the uplifting energy of a store that only offers items created in fair trade and
positive working conditions.


Gold and platinum jewelry designed and created using old world techniques that turn each piece into a work of art. When you walk out with one of these beautiful treasures, you know you have the only one in existence.

Pita Express

Delicious sandwiches, soups and salads you can take to the beach or enjoy in between shops. The perfect place to rest and enjoy a casual meal between activities.

.925 Silver World

The oldest silver-only retailer in St. Thomas has the biggest selection of jewelry and accessories. Here you’ll find pieces you can’t get anywhere else on the island.

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