Pita Express

Your favorite to-go sandwich shop

Simple yet delicious lunches for pick-up or delivery.

Call for Delivery (340) 777-4072

Pita Express staff like to say hello AND goodbye and they stand ready to make your meal to go or to enjoy at one of their outdoor tables. The Palm Passage breezeway provides a wonderful respite from the activity of the larger surrounding area. Relax and take in delicious food in a plaza that rests on the original cobblestones and uses the original warehouse structures. Owner Maynard runs his pita shop as tightly as he runs Amalia Cafe next door. You won’t find any crumbs on these chairs.

Fill your pita with beef, tuna, hummus, or another favorite. Enjoy one of their salads, including a chicken Caesar that gets great reviews. There are also regular sandwiches, like their hero sandwich and turkey club. Their menu is vegetarian-friendly, and the food comes in generous portions. Let their daily specials surprise you. And you won’t find a gyro this good anywhere else on the island.

Pita Express is the perfect stop in the middle of a day spent shopping or running errands. It’s ideally located for picking up lunch on your way to the beach. And if you can’t take a break in the middle of a workday, get your order in nice and early because Pita Express is one of few restaurants in St. Thomas that delivers.

Impeccable Service

A sandwich shop with high-quality offerings that treats you like the best restaurant would.

Convenent Delivery

One of St. Thomas’ few options that will come to YOU.

Fresh with Generous Portions

Food you’re happy to make a meal of every day.

Few know that Pita Express has been in Palm Passage for 22 years, pre-dating Amalia Cafe next door. Owners Maynard and Helga – who also own Amalia Cafe – built Pita Express from humble beginnings, making the most out of their resources. They listen to their customers, and when their early regulars requested delivery, they added delivery service, delighting countless busy office workers. Business has grown mostly by word-of-mouth.

Maynard and Helga have paid their dues over decades, using the business philosophy that no task is too small for the owners themselves to take care of. Maynard maintains that the best businesses are run by people who dive into any task, doing whatever it takes to make guests happy.

Click here to visit Maynard and Helga’s second restaurant, Amalia Cafe. Right here in Palm Passage.

Grab your new favorite sandwich to go
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